dumb and happy

image courtesy of photobucket.com

It was another time… seems like another life. I think about them sometimes, I don’t have a choice. The smell of spring time, the taste of a cold drink in the right setting, an old song on the radio. Seems like someone else’s life, but it wasn’t, it was just the early chapters of my mine.

Many of us live the mistakes from the early chapters of our lives, even though we try to hide the mistakes or cover them from society and nature, not exactly an easy thing to do. I avoided a lot of the magical sound mechanisms of a song that triggers the brain like Star Trek’s body transport system.

Certain songs take me back like the light tube did Captain Kirk when he said, “Beam me up Scotty”! I get beamed back sometimes against my will… but back I go. I pressed the “next” button in my wife’s car that landed me on the oldies station, not the oldies the way I remembered them. Someone has changed the definition of “oldies.”  The oldies station is playing music from the 80’s now… When did that happen?

The oldies stations I prefer are the ones that played the songs from previous generations… not mine. The oldies from before my time of independence ease my mind from days of innocence and ignorance. It was good to be dumb and happy… full of hope. To remind us of the chapters of our lives before we were turned loose on society isn’t bad to reflect on and smile at the deception of youth.

The oldies station spinning sounds from the times of the end of the innocence aren’t as gentle on the mind. Not all lives and chapters are created equal. I know people whose lives were above reproach, a little more worth reliving and sharing.

I’ve avoided many memories from my past, songs that shoot me like a cannon ball back there, sounds that send me there, and people from the time period in question. Who likes to be reminded of their mistakes? While there is forgiveness from God for our shortcomings, there are consequences for our chosen actions that make up the chapters of our lives.

Maybe hiding or avoiding is better than justification? My gut tells me both are less than honorable… Neither one of them bring peace within, only honesty and confession can accomplish that. None of us are perfect and cannot attain it this side of heaven, but there is wisdom and it is more valuable than the silver and gold of this world.

The funny thing about wisdom is the more we attain, the more we realize all that we lack…At some point we all realize avoiding or justifying only puts off the inevitable… facing truth.

We can run, but we can’t hide…

Jonah and I tried…