see what I see

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As I pulled up to the intersection I really wasn’t paying too close attention to my surroundings. My mind was racing, preparing for a busy work day and a Lacrosse game that evening with the team that had defeated us the last time we played them, which was the state championship the year before.

To say I was focused would be a misrepresentation of the facts… I was obsessed, on a mission, intent on accomplishing all my plans and desires. Not many things in this life could have broken the trance I was in that morning.

I was more like a robot or wild animal, kind of like a Pitbull going after its prey. Kill or be killed. That’s when God intervened. He knew what would snap me out of the trance. It was my weakness… God used what He designed as my Kryptonite.

It happened on the entrance to the street I live on. A dead end street, one way in and one way out. I’d pulled up to that intersection for years and never saw what I did that day.

It was the stick that caught my eye first. The movement right above the ground back and forth. As the stick moved back and forth the person on the other end of the stick would come into view.

I put it all together more quickly than I can describe the scene. There she was a tall thin girl. She was young, obviously walking to the high school where I coached, she was still about a mile from the school.

I stopped abruptly short, she glanced toward the ground in my direction as she heard my truck pull up. She couldn’t see me… She was blind…she doesn’t see what I see.

I watched as the young girl tapped to discover the curb, gutter, and street as she passed slowly, cautiously toward school.

Then I saw him about 20 feet behind her. A man with a more simple agenda than mine for the day, but an agenda light years more important than mine for the day.Β He was training his daughter to navigate through a dangerous world where someday he wouldn’t be to guide and protect the apple of his eye.

In a matter of less than three seconds, I was changed for the day and in some small way for a lifetime. My heart was immediately melted, it was similar to the Grinch who finally found his heart.

Most of us take for granted the simple gifts in this life. I think of the times spent with my daughters pointing out blooming flowers, sky cracking lightning, snowflakes and sunsets to name a few.

Being successful at business or work and winning a Lacrosse game isn’t as important as understanding the simple things in life are God’s priority and should be ours as well.

The dad of that young girl is reminded every day of the simple gifts and the priorities in life. I imagined myself in the shoes of that dad walking behind his blind daughter teaching her the lessons of this life without the advantage of her eyes working.

It’s a tough life sometimes even with all of our senses working sufficiently. Take one of them away and life gets infinitely tougher.

I worry a bit for my girls, we’ve spent a great deal of time trying to prepare them for a world without us. If we haven’t prepared them for the basics and taught them where danger lies ahead in life, then we’ve failed them.

In other ways, sometimes our senses can be a handicap… If we trust too much in the temporary world and flesh that can be measured by our senses, we’ll miss the whole reason for having been here.

God used that blind girl on that particular day to help me see beyond what I can with my eyes.

I like to think she can see clearly her path beyond this life…

And it is beautiful…