DO I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION? part 2, conclusion

Do I have your attention

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After too many weird incidents and accidents all happening on one day, I knew it was all more than coincidence. It was another lesson in life coming my way. Would it be subtle, or would it be delivered like a freight train? Either way it had my attention.

It seemed as though God was reminding me of my past. Sure I’d been forgiven, even blessed beyond my own comprehension, but the little bit of wisdom I’d gained the hard way led me to feel God telling me there was a disconnect between my past life and my current one.

The bridge to my past I’d left in the fog and wanted to keep it that way; hazy and difficult to see.

I didn’t build the bridge to nowhere on purpose. I moved on, God led me to new places. He opened my heart and mind to true enlightenment. I had traded danger and thrill in the flesh for true peace and joy in my spirit.

The problems for all of us in this life are the same… We can’t change our spots. Sure we can cover them with fancy clothes and lives, even intellect for misdirection, but in the end the spots are still there. (metaphorical in terms of human nature).

The spots don’t wash off. Funny thing about those spots that we try to eliminate or hide is that we all have them. Sure some are different than others, some are bigger, different colors or in different areas, but we all have them.

It’s easy to look at the difference in spots and judge and even ridicule others for the differences, but that doesn’t make ours go away. In fact, it grows and multiplies the spots we have.

I was clearly awakened by the physical signs God had allowed to take place in my small world.

As I remembered the past, the skeletons reminded me of a reckless life. The wisdom and age now on this side of the bridge and of those two lives left me with the perfect 20/20 hindsight and too many woulda-coulda-shoulda’s.

The next morning after that eventful day, I awoke to a video from a good friend. I was still contemplating and pondering such a weird, different day before. I knew some reconciliation was approaching to tie the two vastly different lives I’ve led together.

The video was a story of a dad with four sons. The dad, in an effort to teach his sons a lesson about judging things, sent his sons to observe a pear tree. He sent one in the winter, one in the spring, one in the summer, and one in the fall.

After each son had observed the tree, the dad gathered his sons together and had them share what they had observed. The first son described an ugly, twisted branched tree. The second son described a tree with many buds and great promise.

The third son disagreed and described a tree with blossoms and sweet smell; he observed it to be a thing of gracefulness. The last son disagreed with all of them. This son described a ripe tree drooping with fruit, full of life and the promise of fulfillment.

The dad shared with his sons how they were all right. They had witnessed different seasons in the life of the pear tree. The dad went on to explain to his sons how they shouldn’t judge a tree or a person by one season of their life.

The father wisely pointed to the fact that only an entire life could be used to make a judgment on a pear tree or a person. I understood a little more deeply in my soul that God was measuring me the way the world should, by a lifetime, not just a season. I also felt the conviction to measure others in that same God-given light.

What settled into my soul as a lesson from God was that weird day, and how it pointed to the winter of my life. That winter was just a season of my life, it couldn’t speak to the awesome power of God and His potential harvest.

The twisted, bent, grim, and lonely season of our winter is our choice to try to live a life outside of God and His will.

We are all the same tree we were born. Ultimately, God is the judge of our lives and He’s given us the soil and water to live a life with more than the promise of Spring, or even the gracefulness of Summer. We have the opportunity to live our entire life in the Fall of fulfillment in Him.

Those bitter Winters are the bridges that God used for us to cross over and look back on, to gain wisdom in the seasons of His Amazing Grace…


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