I was never a huge Star Wars fan, but in this society it’s difficult to escape the impact those movies had on our culture. I’m even susceptible to “The Force,” I sometimes quote in parody from Darth Vader like everyone else in the world.

I’ll use the low drawn out slightly English imitation voice of James Earl Jones as Vader and say to my little one, “Gurm”… “I am your father”! I’ve even on occasion been known to use it on our dog Larry, same voice, same accent, “Lar”… “You are a loser”! I think he likes it, the kids, not so much.

Of all the quotes by the character of Vader the one that caught and still intrigues me is the one spoken to his son young Skywalker, “Luke, it is your destiny”!

Destiny, pretty cool word to ponder, it’s cousin is the word fate with similar meanings. Even non-Christians have some belief in an invisible power that directs and causes events to happen in people’s lives.

How many times have you heard or even thought about a couple, “They were just meant to be together”! Regarding someone’s death we’ve all heard someone say something like, “His number was up.” When we see or know of a person living a dangerous or reckless life, someone might say something like, “They’re tempting fate”!

Many of us believe since we have intelligence and free will we are the captain of our fate, we steer the ship or direct the paths of our lives and whatever happens is up to us.

This subject has tentacles that reach further and deeper, if we chose to go a certain direction in our lives it must have been that invisible power that gave us the desire in the first place… See what I mean?

Many Christians believe in predestination, after all God knows all things, the number of grains of sand on the seashores, the number of hairs on each and every one of our heads, when a sparrow falls from the sky. But, God also says that all people are called by Him and have the choice to accept and believe or deny Him.

I’m puzzled by some people who talk as if God just whispered the mysteries of the cosmos in their right ear. How do we as humans get our mind around the mind that spoke everything into existence including our souls. The One who supplies the very power that sustains all life at this very second.

If our minds were created by God, pretty good chance we have limits far below His. (sarcasm) I believe in the mind and economy of God that He can give free will to everyone and yet know the outcome.

For those reading to young to know what “The Day The Music Died” is, here’s a quick breakdown. Buddy Holly who was one of the most well-known Rock and Roll icons of the 50’s died in a plane crash in 1959 along with up and comer Ritchie Valens and disc jockey turned singer who went by the stage name of The Big Bopper.

It shocked and changed the music world and impacted a nation. I guess you could say it was fate or destiny that they died, Buddy Holly’s bass player pondered his fate for years after. His name was Waylon Jennings and he gave up his seat on the airplane for J P Richardson, the Big Bopper who had the flu.

Waylon Jennings, like his old boss Buddy Holly, had a deep influence on the music world about 15 years later. Maybe it was that same fate or destiny that was responsible 10 years after “The Day The Music Died” for Waylon Jennings to marry a singer-songwriter Jessi Colter who grew up in a Christian home?

Colter who is still in the music business just released her latest, a Christian/Country CD.

Jennings who lived in the southeast valley (of the sun) passed February 13th, 2002. It’s rumored that Jennings at that point in his life a Christian died with a smile on his face.

Destiny? A simple twist of fate?

I’m thinkin’ the hand of God.

What do you think?