He was emotionally charged – moved in his soul. He told me about two ladies and this guy, his breaking heart was spilling into his eye sockets. I nodded with compassion and understanding. Been there, done that… Hiding in private what most people wouldn’t understand.

He’s my friend and we share much in common, including, an artistic side, the love of rigorous exercise, and more than a slight dose of harsh sarcasm.

“I get it,” I told him, “but most people would think you’re dancing on the ragged edge of crazy,” I chuckled.

“I know,” he admitted, reining in his emotions. “That’s a great saying,” he said.

dancing on the ragged edge of crazy

image courtesy of photo bucket.com

The guy and two ladies my friend was telling me about are in what they call in literature a “love triangle”… I guess they call it that in real life too, but this wasn’t real life… those three people don’t actually exist. They only exist in my friend’s mind and now in an incomplete screenplay.

That’s the thing about fiction – it’s fueled by non-fiction events in people’s real lives that give them experiences to draw from. Broken bones and hearts aren’t easily forgotten.

From a left brain perspective, a person that makes up a story in great detail, to the point that the story and characters bring real emotion, seems a bit on the off side… maybe even dancing on the ragged edge of crazy.

But from a right brain perspective, it doesn’t seem so crazy. If someone is going to write a story that resurrects emotions in other people, it makes sense that the first person it should touch is the one telling the story. If they aren’t moved, good chance no on else will be either.

I believe that being made in the image of God means, in part, that we’re designed, some more than others, to create.

We can’t speak life into existence, but we can create. That includes creating stories that tell about other people’s lives, some real, some pretend, that inspire, encourage, and remind other people, as well as ourselves, to live their lives to bring truth and honor to our Maker, families, and ourselves.

In the long haul, the Biblical principle expounded upon by English author Edward Lytton, “The pen is mightier than the sword”, is true – God’s word has proved it throughout the history of this world.

God only knows where the fine line is between sanity and crazy is in each of us. I’m certain, like most lines, many of us cross over the line more than we know… or want to.

But if dancing on the ragged edge of crazy inside our minds to tell stories that inspire and encourage others? I say dance, my friend.