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I like to go fast, always have. I don’t mean “like” as if to enjoy a pastime, I mean “like” as in weakness or addiction. Oh, I enjoy it too. It’s just that I don’t have a choice in this type of matter. It’s almost as if there’s a switch with no gearing, it’s either on or it’s off, nothing in between.

If I’m moving, I’m going fast. I didn’t think that’s how it was going to be… I remember watching American Graffiti as a kid and thinking, “Man that’s cool”! – “I can’t wait to go cruising when I grow up”!! The grand anticipation finally came for me to take my turn cruising.

In those days, all the kids in and around Phoenix met downtown to “Cruise Central,” the main road in the city that separated the streets from the avenues. It eventually changed locations to “Cruising  Metro,” a big shopping mall that had a big loop around it, but cruising was still en vogue for most of the kids, but not for me. I didn’t really appreciate or grasp going slow in a fast car… and I had the speeding tickets to prove it.

Eventually grasping my weakness, I began to make a few changes. The lightning fast motorcycle that struggled to keep the front wheel on the ground and the back wheel from burning rubber, I never straddled again after our youngest daughter was born. I had some crazy fast cars… got rid of them too…

While I don’t fully understand what makes people tick in certain ways that they do, I’ve come to understand that all of us have weaknesses in one way or the other, some are just more obvious than others. And while I’ve made massive strides with God-given age and wisdom, the truth is I still struggle and go too fast in most ways possible.

Regardless of our weaknesses, we have all been given the gift of free will to use in life that will have an impact on our lives one way or the other. The same powerful gift that lost people mistake for being “as gods, we get to use in order to choose the destination of our souls.

It’s easy to make our lives into an analogy of cruising. We’re all moving through this physical world and our soul cages will wear and  become obsolete like the muscle cars of days gone by. The old cars fill the junk yards, and the old mixed with some young people fill the cemeteries.

Nothing on this earth lasts forever, cruising is proof of that… The days of driving slowly and interacting with other people who appreciate automobiles and spending time with friends has all but died. I was reminded of the recent past history of our society and cruising.

I was in Williams Arizona, an original town on old Route 66 where I-40 passes south of the Grand Canyon. The pictures of bygone days show how changing and temporary our world is. In hindsight I wish I would have taken the time to enjoy cruising… my chance is over now…

Funny how the ones who like to go fast through life seem to use theirs up a little faster than the ones who enjoy the moments standing still.

There was an old 50’s style coffee house on the old Route 66 main drag… I wanted to have a cup of coffee and take in the nostalgia…

I just didn’t have time…