crazy Steve

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Repost and edit from January 2012

I don’t think about him as much as I used to. I’ve never given him any credit for my writing desire either. The truth is I have no idea if he had anything to do with resurrecting my writing desire, but he was doing it in real life, pursuing his dream long before I was.

I sometimes wonder if I’ll ever see his screenplay developed into a movie. The screenplay was based on his real life experiences while serving our country as a member of what now has become even more popularly known as Special Forces.

Interesting that a man with as much physical prowess as Steve has would have a hankering to write. It was easy to read his style and personality in his hopeful movie, Chained To The Oars.

It was a dark, real life, open your eyes type of war movie that I believe would be a huge seller. It also revealed the heart of a troubled man, a man in search of something more to his life.

Steve was like everyone else in this world, he was in search of something. Also, like the majority of others, he didn’t know it was God he was looking for… While I don’t know much in this life, I did know that.

The Lord doth work in mysterious ways… This calling was mysterious to say the least. The clear and concise writer was a warrior, the physical side of Steve’s life was equaled by his passion to put pen to paper. From my perspective now, I’m not sure which one he had more passion for; the pen to paper, or fighting.

I met Crazy Steve in the gym. He was hired to sell memberships, but mostly to clear the gym of trouble makers. While Steve cut an imposing silhouette, he was substantially less imposing as some of the thugs he was to shape up or ship out.

When he confronted one of the all out monsters who was throwing weights around the gym, I couldn’t spot an ounce of fear. Something in the eyes of Crazy Steve told the cartoon character of the man in the gym he wasn’t lying when he told the big fella he’d be more than willing to take him outside and, “Start Breakin’ Bones.”

After training with Steve, it would be a year of intimate friendship before I’d see all the bullet wounds on his body that should have taken his life. Things began to make more sense. It doesn’t take a valedictorian to be able to understand God had His hand and eye on Crazy Steve his entire life.

God was calling Steve and it was a rare time for this writer to be involved in that process. To be honest, it could be I was just the sparring partner while God used my wife to speak and show the love of God to this earthly warrior.

Did I mention God works in mysterious ways? Indeed, He does… Crazy Steve and I had all out wars… A week after I knocked Steve’s front tooth out, I ended up with a broken toe and a severed ACL.

Funny how a bond among men with mutual respect sharing truths with one another can lead to miraculous things. Not funny to God. After all, He does work in ways that are beyond our comprehension. Too bad for me the damage and pain have been as lasting as the memories.

Crazy Steve wasn’t so crazy after all, he asked Christ into his life.

My wife and I sometimes recall the night after we prayed with Steve. We were about to have dinner where I usually pray when Steve asked,

“Can I pray?”

“Absolutely,” I said.

In his booming bass voice Steve began,

“Hey God?” … “Thanks.”

That said enough for all of us…