courage pride and a fool

I SHOULD HAVE LOOKED SO GOOD!!! image courtesy of

The freshly waxed snow skis were chattering on the hardened packed snow as they were racing down the hill at full speed. I was tucked down leaning forward to maximize the speed as I was headed toward the jump.

Regret settled within me before I became airborne, as my body was struggling for survival, my brain raced much faster than my body itself. When your brain starts asking panicked questions to yourself you know you’re in trouble.

“Why in the world would you go this fast on a jump you’ve never been on before”?!— “Are you completely insane”?!— “Have you completely lost your mind”?! These are just some of the questions I was asking myself…No response… That, of course, answered all the questions. I didn’t try to drag any answers out of myself, no use, I gave myself a declaration right before I landed on my head and shoulder, “YOU ARE A COMPLETE MORON”!!!

By the time a regained consciousness my friend and strangers had gathered all my gear that had scattered 100 yards down the slope, or so I’m told. They had drug my limp body from the landing site to save me from further harm as well as the following jumpers.

“Dude that was the gnarliest thing I’ve ever seen”! one of them said. Another snow ski samaritan was a younger lady, “Are you alright”? she asked with deep concern in her eyes. She actually looked like she was going to cry, I think she thought I was dead or messed up forever.

I started assuring everyone I was fine though I could barely talk. It would be several days recuperating from a nasty concussion until I could stand without wavering or holding onto something to keep myself from tipping over like a sawn tree in the forest.

My friend repeatedly said, “Dude, you looked like a professional, I thought you were going to make it”!–“You’re Crazy”!!!

I’ve come to realize there is a huge difference between “crazy” and  “stupid.” I’m not crazy, I’m just stupid sometimes. Do you think I’m being hard on myself? Did I forget to mention the jump had was about a 45 degree incline approach and the landing dropped on an about a 45 degree angle so that the speed would send me about 30′ high and about 40′ out conservatively estimating.

Still think I’m being a little tough on myself? Did I also forget to share with you it was the third or fourth time I’d ever snow skied? I can’t even blame it on my youth, I was 30 years old at the time.

I wonder how many of God’s chosen take their gifts given to them by God and squander them with lack of discipline and sometimes even reckless abandon. It’s one thing to enjoy the gifts and blessings from God, but it becomes a completely different matter when they are taken for granted and abused.

While I believe God wants us to enjoy our gifts, they are specifically designed to help and influence others for the glory of God. How many of us use our gifts to glorify God? How many of us use our gifts to glorify ourselves?

If one of my gifts is stupidity, eh, I mean courage, was I using self-control in dispensing one of the gifts that ultimately isn’t even mine?

We all have many different gifts, some similar others vastly different. What are some of your gifts? Do you use your’s more wisely than I use to use mine? I hope so…

I found out the hard way there is no honor in honoring ourselves. Peace and rest cannot be found in pride, it’s found in the love and understanding of God.

If we squander our gifts I think God takes all or part of them back according to His good will. My proof is the fact that I haven’t mustered the courage to go skiing since that accident…

The Bible says pride goeth before a fall, I must have had a lot of it.

Cause’ it was a long fall…