It was the week before the Fourth and I was cooling my heels, literally, where the west coast sand soaks up the Pacific. It was late, the sunset a distant memory. The stars burst brilliant, the Big and Little Dipper looked like, if I got a good running jump, I might be able to grab ’em by the handles.

The night-time ocean air was beginning to drape the coastal community like God was spreading a damp and invisible blanket for an angelic game of Beach Blanket Bingo. It was well past bedtime, but it was one of those nights that was just too magical to spend with your eyes slammed shut.

The night settled around my shoulders like a poncho as I watched the world at night. The temperature was so perfect, the closest cricket, usually in a hurry to pound out his high-pitched song, sounded deeper than normal, almost like a bull frog and about the same cadence.

I drank in the night with my eyes. I listened to the sounds of nature’s most magnificent symphony. I inhaled the night like it was magic, as if it would somehow become part of me, to help me recall the specialness of a night, of a day, of a week, of a year, of a lifetime in a place I happened to be born into blessings beyond my comprehension. A place where people fought, risked their lives, sometimes coming out on the short end of the stick… and life.

Those folks fought for loved ones, for freedom, for a way of life that included religious freedoms for me and anyone else, for that matter, to be able to speak freely without fear of wrongful punishment.

cooling my heels

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People have sacrificed in love, in order that this country might exist. It doesn’t always look like love when folks are fighting for freedom, for a better way of life. It was love that bought us freedom… and liberty, a liberty that’s been perverted by apathy and a new generation of stiff-necked people.

History doesn’t lie, people do, but history won’t. Every single nation on earth that has served God as a nation has been richly blessed. The others that turn their back on Him… have fallen.

“Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord”.

I’m thankful for a nation where I can share my thoughts, dreams, and desires… as I’m cooling my heels. Happy 4th of July, friend. May we be restored, and may God Bless America.