He was ugly, and I mean instinctual eye squint and grimace ugly, but that was half the fun of it. He was tall and lanky with really bad posture, a sunken chest with narrow and drooping shoulders.

Come to think of it, he looked like the skinny guy in the “before” frames in the old Charles Atlas cartoon strips in the back of comic books. You know, the pathetic looking kid who gets sand kicked in his face by the beach bully – in front of the girls to add insult to injury. Kinda like that… minus the feet, face, ears, and skin.

His teeth were enormous, too big for his face, too wide and too long. He made Bugs Bunny look like Charlton Heston. The same could be said about his ears in relation to Bugs Bunny, not to mention his feet that were so long that he’d have to lift them half way to his chest to clear the ground when he walked.

It’s hard to make a truly ugly cartoon character, but we were determined. They gave us every possible shape and size of everything from heads to body types – noses, ears, and even their gait.

Along with the options to create our own custom looking cartoon animal for the Disney interactive computer game for kids called, “Toon Town”, they gave us a massive list of words and names to come up with a personalized name for our character.

cool biscuit feather tooth

a few years before Cool Biscuit Feather Tooth

My youngest’s computer cartoon character’s name was, “Cool Biscuit Feather Tooth”, the ugliest critter in Toon Town.

My daughter was around six when one ordinary weekend day we created something extraordinary. Not because Cool Biscuit Feather Tooth was exceptional, that’s the point, he wasn’t, but the time spent being fully engaged with others, family or otherwise, creates gratification and a life full of wonderful memories.

A few months back my wife asked, “Do you remember… what was his name?” she looked at me, then off into space, sifting through old files in her memory banks.

“Huh?” I asked with zero clue about where she was going with the line of questioning, which is pretty common.

“Cool Biscuit Feather Tooth”, she smiled.

“Oh yeah,” I laughed, “I’ll never forget that goofy name.”

Our youngest had more fun making that goofy Toon Town character and us naming him that she ever did playing the interactive game.

Cool Biscuit Feather Tooth disappeared shortly thereafter along with the computer crash of 2004. What didn’t disappear is the memory of the gangly cartoon rabbit as well as a chapter in life that can’t be relived but can be cherished.

I know it’s easy to spend time with loved ones. Like Christ said, that’s the easiest thing for us to do, but I think it helps to serve as a reminder, that time invested in others, including family, friends, and others, returns dividends that last for an eternity… just like Cool Biscuit Feather Tooth.