It’s Christmas Eve tomorrow. That means a lot of different things, not the most important one being I need to start getting some Christmas shopping done.

The Christmas season has it’s own set of generic questions. The ones I hear the most are, “You staying home for Christmas?”

“Hanging out with your family this Christmas?”

“What’s on the menu for Christmas dinner?”

“You got all your shopping done?” (Yes, the people I rub elbows with don’t have the finest of grammar… then again, neither do I when it comes to talkin’…)

I have my generic answers too; “Yeah, stayin’ close to home.” – “Yeah, the kids are coming over.” – “Italian – it’s our family tradition.”

And my favorite answer to the generic holiday question of having my shopping done, “Not yet, I don’t wanna rush into anything,” I chuckle, usually by myself. I’m not near as amusing as think I am…

Then there are the Christmas complaints; “The traffic is horrible.”

“I hate this time of year, people are so rude, especially in parking lots.” I usually nod, ’cause folks are vicious animals in parking lots this time of year.

“I’m scaling back this Christmas,” but few seldom do.

But the first Christmas complaint starts way back in October when stores and a few radio stations start playing Christmas music before Halloween… I’m in a grumbling agreement.

Since I don’t frequent stores too often and I have satellite radio in my truck, I can navigate my way around Christmas music till I’m good and ready to hear it.

Since this Christmas season snuck on me, and most of you, I haven’t heard but a couple of Christmas songs. I’ve only heard one of my old favorites so far this year; “Come Home For Christmas” by the Eagles.

Of all the Christmas songs that I look forward to hearing around Christmas time, my all time favorite is “The Little Drummer Boy”, by Bob Seger. I never thought much of the song as a kid, but words were wasted on the young.

Christmas image courtesy of youtube

I believe that everyone has a God given gift. And I also think that the gifts He’s given us, if used in the proper way, bring Him joy. I love that part of the song that goes, “Then HE smiled at me Puh-Rum-Puh-Pum-Pum… me and my drum.”

The thought of God smiling down upon His children brings me a great peace and warmth in my soul.

May we all use our gift this year to bring a smile to the face of our Father. And may He bless you and your’s and I pray you have a very Merry Christmas.