Christmas chores“I used to get up before anyone else around Christmas and turn the lights on our tree when I was little. I love the Christmas lights in the early morning,” my wife shared with me. I knew that, but I like to be reminded of her childhood stories. Heaven knows she’s heard more than her fair share of mine.

For those that come around here with some frequency know that I love a good story, especially ones from childhood, and how they shape our lives and perspectives now.

My wife, though having had three daughters and being mature and wise, is still that little girl she was when the lights of Christmas found her awestruck in wonder and amazement. To see and appreciate the little things of life even after having experienced them decades upon decades is the proper perspective of grasping grace.

To be honest, the week’s been a train wreck. My wife’s been to stores multiple times, forgotten things like the mascarpone for the tiramisu, can’t forget that for goodness sakes, added things, including guests coming for Christmas dinner have been included on the “A” list, and she’s going above and beyond to make things special for everyone.

Guess who Santa’s little helper is? Yep, the reformed Grinch that is the spit-and-image of me… I too have spent countless hours doing the Christmas chores. Cleaning things, unpacking boxes, wrapping boxes and packages, cutting trash into flat pieces so everything will fit into the trash cans, cutting myself in the process, helping clean the casita, lifting beds to vacuum underneath, refilling the soft water container, fixing neglected slow draining pipes, just to name a few.

I did get to sleep in an hour or so on Saturday, my wife was up before me which is rare and she was off to work before I got up. I fetched my coffee and tapped the pad on my laptop and beautiful picture lit up the entire screen. The glistening twelve foot Christmas tree glowed in the dark with ornaments sparkling above the presents below. It was a picture of our old tree that we’ve had for over ten years. There are some dead lights that I can’t get to work to save my life, but one couldn’t tell, the way I have the tree turned, and the working lights shining brightly to make up for the ones that served proudly as long as they could. The packages that aren’t wrapped perfectly don’t look like it in that picture.

It’s amazing how with all the imperfections it all points to the perfect gift of our Father and Savior. The lights a reminder of His light, our gifts a reminder of His eternal gift of salvation. The caption my wife wrote along with the email that she had opened on my screen said, “Merry Christmas…thank you for such a beautiful home…I love you.”

Yeah, that’s what Christmas is about, my wife’s thoughtful gift reminded me of that. I sent her an email back, “Merry Christmas to you too, girl. Thanks for making it home… I love you too.”

May Our Father bless you and yours as we see His gifts through all of our imperfections this Christmas as we count our many blessings. Merry Christmas to all!