cheat sheetsI carried them in my wallet for so long they eventually disintegrated. It must have been for 10 to 15 years they were with me, on my person at all times. In the beginning, I pulled them out of my wallets that protected them and referred to them often. If I forgot pertinent information I only had to reach in my pocket to find the answers.

The answers or the formula that would get me there was always with me. These pieces of paper are what some would call cheat sheets. Mathematical formulas of various kinds and conversion charts right at my fingertips, just in case.

I was serious about being prepared and qualified to answer and solve any problem or situation that arose at work. I referred to them many times over the years, but mostly in the early ones. After time I’d referred to my cheat sheets so often that I no longer needed to refer to them.

Given enough time, I didn’t require the exact steps in the processes. I understood more than the steps or rules behind each phase of the formula, I understood the reasoning for the steps.

Comprehending the purpose and consequences of not following the rules or steps in a formula makes it far easier to follow those steps or rules. In time, the rules or steps were in my heart, they had become part of me, of who I was.

After over a decade of carrying those old sheets of small paper, folded neatly into small rectangles inside my wallet, the old documents had sentimental values far beyond the value of the math formulas and the paper they were written on.

How much more valuable are the rules, steps, or disciplines from the Biblical principles taught to us across our lifetime? Learning things of value always starts in our mind and is carried on until the rules, steps, or disciplines are memorized. After enough time, we began to understand not only the rules, but the purpose of following each step, rule, or discipline.

Soon the value of the information transfers supernaturally from our minds into our souls and the information and disciplines become part of who we are.

For the ones who refuse the rules, steps, or disciplines, I’ve noticed a more difficult life, with less peace and joy, always seems to be lurking just around the corner.

To accept the rules from others through God, takes humility. While humility is often a pretty tough pill to swallow, it ends up being sweet on our tongue, in our stomachs, and it transforms our soul. The memories of learning the rules and heart of God, while sometimes difficult at the time, no matter how tattered and torn the memories, are honey to our soul.

Even with God in our souls, we are strengthened when the steps, rules, and disciplines are opened up, the dust wiped off, and His words are read yet once again.

It ain’t no cheat sheet, it’s the old conversion chart.

We call it The Holy Bible…