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Some of the smartest people in the country couldn’t figure it out. It kept them stumped for a time, but they did get it figured out eventually. It seemed the opposite should be true in the laws of nature, but some things aren’t what they seem in this life.

“What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”! We’ve all heard that said, I’ve even said it a few times myself, but most of us try to avoid difficult times. There’s nothing gratifying to our senses about being strained emotionally or physically. The things we’ve endured emotionally from difficult times and other people have led us to the point with age or experience we can handle them. We may not like it, but we’re seasoned, tested, tempered to endure the hard way.

It’s not so different than the physical sides of our lives. If we want or need to pick up something or go a certain distance in a certain amount of time, we have to practice, we must endure discomfort in order to grow stronger. It is the law of nature designed by God. Strength must be earned.

The sheltered person isn’t going to be able to deal with difficult scenarios without going through some. The person camping on the couch a good part of their life isn’t likely to go out and win a marathon the first time out.

“Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for You are with me.” The most powerful king didn’t get a pass at tough patches. He knew God would be with him in the hard times, giving him wisdom from experience. God doesn’t promise us He’ll take us around the Valley of the Shadow of Death, He marches His chosen right down the middle of the valley, not so we can be praised, but so He that delivers us is acknowledged.

The scientists were living in the Biosphere down by Tucson for extended periods of time to emulate living conditions in a colonial space station. The trees and plant life provided the necessary carbon dioxide for the scientists to breathe. With time and growth as the trees began to reach maturity, their branches would shear off.

What the scientists discovered was that the trees grew with the absence of wind… The continuous changing, shifting and pressure from the external winds is what gave the trees the strength not to break under their own weight. As my friend and pastor Rick Efird expressed, “Brother – that’ll preach”!

Adversity is part of life and while we don’t enjoy the process it makes us stronger. I’m sure we’d break under our own weight or internal focus.

While the trees don’t know the origin of the wind, they can’t survive without it… When we look out from ourselves for the purpose of protection and provision for ourselves and others God’s placed in our lives we get stronger. The stronger the storm… the stronger we get.

Maybe an adjustment of our perspective should be used the next time trouble comes knockin’?

The world can knock… but it can’t knock us out…

That and the wind, are up to Him.