Everyone loves the “before and after” pictures. Well, the ones with positive outcomes. The problem is that the road from before to after isn’t always pretty. In fact, it can be down right ugly… even if the physical outcome is pleasing to the eye.


Here a while back I posted a picture of a house I was building, the stairs in particular. The problem I related to in that post is that while it was gratifying work, it was so difficult and dangerous, I cussed to myself in the process.

What does our spiritual health look like before and after? I guess it varies from time to time, season to season.

We get so caught up with the before and after pictures of ourselves and or our possessions that we neglect the mental snapshot of our spiritual health.

As I get older I realize that to look like Prince Charming or like Princess Jasmine doesn’t mean much if the inside isn’t humble.

It was a day and weekend of toil. I don’t work with my hands as much as I used to… Maybe I romanticized the good old days of working hard with my hands. Thinking back, I do remember losing my cool… and often. Peculiar how it takes the same actions to bring the real life memories of the past back without the mental airbrushing.

I failed today like I did so often in life. The “after” picture of what we’re changing will be spectacular, especially compared to the “before” shot. But if it takes ugly to attain beauty… then it really isn’t beauty… at least to my Biblical way of thinking.

and after

Gaining glory in the flesh for the “before and after” things mean little if our soul would have been better off before we kicked against the goads…