are you crying?

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The book belonged to a neighborhood friend I went to school with named Bobby. I can’t remember how old I was, but I remember thinking I was old enough not to cry. I loved to read as a kid and it was a relatively short book, so I took my friend’s advice and gave it a read.

The book held my interest and I covered the pages quickly, right up until the end. It was at that point I slowed down my reading and reread the ending to that book. I must have read it five times.

Although I’d read more books than I could even remember at a young age, I’d never read a book like that before. This book wasn’t about sports heroes or superheroes, it was make believe, which worked perfectly to attract kids, but it sprinkled in some real life drama that even little kids could relate to.

It was a book of fun, love, sacrifice, and ultimately death. While I don’t know much about the author, some years later I put some parallels of that book with the real life sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

I believe like the great authors of old, the author of that book was relating real life and the truth of God to influence young kids. Even now I can honestly say that book had a substantial impact on my life and the understanding or grasping of the most admirable traits that can be found in humans under the right settings.

The influential book was a story of a pig and a spider. By now at least 95% of the readers will know and have read the book by E. B. White titled Charlotte’s Web. While the story was well adapted to the cartoon movie, it like most books that get made into a movie, fell short, even as a kid.

Why is it timeless reading like that book falls to the wayside, while popular books, TV, and movies seek to empower kids to be the exact opposite of the main characters of the classics? What benefit is that to the child? My opinion is that there is none – the only benefit to anybody is the businesses that turn the little monsters into consumers.

Our society is turning into the least happy I’ve witnessed so far in my lifetime. The middle school where our oldest daughters attended has had three suicides and multiple more attempts. Why? With all of the side effects of anti-depression drugs being prescribed for depression that can bring about suicide, why?

The percentage of kids, even in affluent areas are becoming drug addicts at an alarming rate. Why? How does a supposed “enlightened” society begin to think a child, with the mind of a child, is going to be able to make self-disciplined decisions as a child?

When we allow our society to teach our children that life is all about them, that they are the center of the universe, we’re allowing their lives to be ruined. Who are the happiest adults? the selfish or the selfless ones?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to grasp that the most miserable people are always the most selfish ones. (at least it didn’t use to). The information that tricks our next generation into the religion of humanism should be tossed in the garbage. If we didn’t support them, they’d disappear.

Charlotte sacrificed her time and life to save Wilbur’s. After understanding her sacrifice that taught him love in action, he naturally loved his savior. The pig went on to teach and share with the same heart that he received from the spider.

In selfless action on this earth, with our minds on the eternal is the only way we’re gonna be able to teach our children to live…

Happily ever after.