Our youngest is artistic. That’s a double-edged sword, but it’s her’s to wield… and she’s not afraid to swing it. But if the passion is worthy, any dream will do.

Our kids change our world from before the day they’re born and never cease to again… for better or worse.

I never was much on plays or musicals, except that one time I played the Tin Man in our junior high school rendition of The Wizard of Oz. And that was just in our tiny English class with the desks shoved to one side of the room.

It was way more exciting, not to mention nerve-wracking, to watch our youngest sing and dance across the stage as Dorothy, in the same play we butchered as kids when she was in high school.

The two youngest, especially the last one, are drawn to plays and musicals like a bee is to a Hibiscus. She managed to find her way into theaters and auditoriums. She even convinced her parents to pop for tickets to see her favorite movie and play, along with her two big sisters, on Broadway in the Big Apple; Phantom of the Opera for her sixteenth birthday.

I had chances to see plays and operas across my life. I ducked them like a professional dodgeball player, but our children have a way of aiming for the heart with pinpoint accuracy.

I’d never heard the song before, which is pretty odd for me. The song was written in the late sixties when I was still a little kid. It would take our youngest to introduce the famous song to her simpleton parents.

Now I’m pretty familiar with the story in the Bible, it’s one of my favorites. I’d even heard of the Broadway production and its megastar, but I’d never seen or heard anything about the music itself.

In fact, I do recall silently scoffing the production… like unpolished folks do things they don’t understand. That is until my baby had a role in Joseph’s Technicolor Dream Coat.

Before the play was finished I had a new perspective and appreciation for the arts. And that song written in part by Andrew Lloyd Weber has been stuck in my head ever since.

I witnessed the months and hours that were equivalent to a full-time job put in by the cast, including our daughter, pay off big. The play ran for a couple of weeks to standing ovations nightly.

We root and cheer for our children. Sometimes silently, other times with clapping and wolf whistles… then we pray for them without ceasing.

Our children’s lives, at some point, begin to shape our world the way ours once did theirs… for better or worse. When they belong to the Father His sovereign hand tips the better side of the scale.

And Donny Osmond summed up what I’ve been trying to teach all of them their entire lives; when we know Him, “Any Dream Will Do”.