another brick in the wall

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I have to admit I still like the old music from Pink Floyd. I know, you’re probably thinking “yeah probably because you like the name.” Uh, No. Not exactly, in fact, can you guess how many times I’ve heard someone say, after learning my name, “Hey, Pink Floyd”!!!–“Ha Ha Ha”!

To say it’s gotten a little old since childhood might be a gross understatement. Being somewhat of a wisenheimer I usually say something with as dry a tone as I can like, “Hey that’s funny, I’ve never heard that before”… It kinda turns the table a bit to allow for my amusement.

To the point, I actually like the old music, it’s timeless to me. Some of my old Pink Floyd favorites are, Dark Side Of The Moon, Wish You Were Here, I’m a little burned out on Money. Not that it was my favorite, but probably their biggest commercial success came with their song Another Brick In The Wall. It’s definitely a catchy tune, no wonder they scored big with it.

The problem is that our society has really come to believe and act as if that song is really the case, with so many of us how can we be special? We’re like bricks in a wall. With around 7 billion people in the world and all the similarities we share in this flesh, it’s easy to see how people have fallen into that trap.

As I sat finishing a late lunch on a patio where I frequent to eat then sometimes write these posts, I gazed at one of the ingredients that make up the atmosphere that draws me to be inspired to write there.

It’s a cozy little patio with only five tables and two of them only seat two people. The overhead canopy is hardly noticeable, the trellis and vines in the planter with trees blooming white flowers behind the wall makes it a comfortable place.

However, it is those surrounding elements that contrast the red brick wall and planter that turn this place into a magical garden. There are thousands of bricks that make up that place, all burnt reddish orange aggregate bricks. Not one of them are the same, each one is similar to be sure, but not one is identical. They are similar enough to stand side by side, staggered top to bottom and perform the task they were designed for.

Maybe the song was right, maybe “All we are is just a–nother brick in the wall.” The bricks aren’t all the same color, similar to the color of our flesh, we all vary from dark to light although that doesn’t keep us from doing the job we were designed to do.

The sizes vary slightly, half of the end bricks and the top course are smaller, they vary like we vary, but in the end perfectly accomplish the task set before them. There are some extra unique bricks in the wall as well. Some of the bricks take on standing water, they look a bit tarnished.

Other bricks have had holes drilled through them in order to let the water pass under those bricks like the true hero’s in our society that have sacrificed their structure and core in order to protect the rest of the bricks in the wall.

I’m thankful for the human hero’s, or what some in our society refer to as just another brick in the wall. Those bricks served the rest of us, without their sacrifice we would have crumbled just like a brick wall.

A brick wall can’t be missing too many of it’s pieces before it collapses. I think we like those bricks, designed by God in order to serve a specific purpose might look the same, but we are unique all unto ourselves to serve and assist one another in the brick wall of life.

I find beauty in a simple brick wall, thank goodness the bricks don’t have a mind of their own. The bricks like many of us would be disobedient to the Heavenly brick layer, He would use the obedient bricks, us the believers to show the world how amazing, strong, and organized we are in cooperation with God to do the task He’s designed us for.

In our intelligence maybe we should consider it a blessing to be “as dumb as a brick”—in the wall…