square peg in a round hole

image courtesy of photobucket.com

Some problems are more easily solved than others, take driving to Disneyland as an example. Even if someone hasn’t been there it seems obvious that there might be more than one way to get there. A mathematical problem is a completely different animal, you miss one step or process and you’re sunk.

Who doesn’t love a good shortcut? Not me that’s for sure. I enjoy streamlining processes, turning tasks or goals into regimented steps to get things done systematically and light years easier.

Sometimes in many processes there are no short-cuts, following the given or natural directions is the only way to complete a task successfully. Some of us catch on quicker than others…

It seems one of the most important keys to unlocking the solution to many of life’s problems a little more quickly and easier is that elusive trait of patience.

I’ve watched small children play with their Fischer-Price type toys, you know the ones that have basic shapes like balls, square blocks, and triangles, made to fit into the corresponding hole in the housing of the toy.

Some kids patiently, methodically work through the process looking and thinking. Other kids insist on forcing that square peg a round hole. That trait follows some of us around for our entire life, but sometimes even the patient and intelligent kids lose patience. The same is true in adults.

Even my wife who generally rolls with the flow loses it sometimes. We found out the last flight we took leaving for spring break was delayed after we were dropped off at the airport. Not surprisingly to was delayed again, add another delay before backing out of the gate and my wife finally said, “Good Grief”! “What’s taking so long”! “Who knows”! I answered with agreeing colorful sarcasm.

When we finally started moving toward the runway we must have taxied for ten minutes. My wife finally hit empty on here patience meter, “ARE WE GONNA DRIVE THIS THING TO CALIFORNIA”?!!! It was hilarious and broke down the tension a bit.

We as Christians, who are held to different laws than the lost world, are often like the stubborn child insisting on forcing the square peg into the round hole of our lives.

We all get difficulties and many of us have our share right now. Even though we have the wisdom to know from past experiences that the tough times usually result in blessings and more wisdom, we fight them like a war and dread them like the plague.

How much time do we spend praying and striving for the tough times to go away? Isn’t that like trying to fit the a square peg into a round hole?

I’ve spent my fair share of time like many of us doing the praying and striving for the weight of difficulty to be lifted from my shoulders. God seems to have made it pretty clear we won’t find the correct answer to this equation by taking any shortcuts. No fancy word prayers or even earnest desire will streamline this process.

It is my opinion that we have the cart ahead of the horse so to speak. God causes or allows all things according to His perfect will. God is in the business of changing hearts and a changed heart is a changed perspective.

Maybe the proper perspective and the key to unlocking the next path of our journey should be to pray and strive to be OK or good despite our difficult times.

It could be the only things holding us back is ourselves, the fear we nurture in our flesh, and impatience with the process…

I can tell you first hand trying to fit our square spirit’s into God’s round shaped spirit holes can get a bit painful. We’ll need to take a step back and take the route God’s leading us in and has shaped for our lives.

For the record, the plane did finally get off the ground…

Just not in our desired time frame…