soul cupboard

Repost from January 2012

Ole’ Mother Hubbard’s got nothin’ on me… On more than one occasion, my soul cupboard’s been close to empty. As of late, the cupboard of my soul has been found lacking. The old cupboard of my soul is usually stocked to the brim with the provision of my heavenly Father.

Then there are the other times… times when I look deep within, searching. I open the cupboard door with my left arm, holding open the door that hinges on the same side. I hang my head, chin to chest to try to catch a glimpse of what’s inside my soul.

When my soul cupboard is full I don’t even look- I just reach in with confidence knowing my shelves are well stocked. In the cold of winter my heart has burned through the provision, not taking into account what was in inventory.

In the throes of empty hunger pangs, I stand, chin down, soul door open, looking for what’s not there… I see empty… I feel empty… I hear empty… I taste the emptiness within my over used soul…

Much too often we use up the resources of God that He’s placed within us. If we’re honest in our assessment of what lies within, we realize it was pure squandering that depleted the storehouse within us.

The provision God stocks our soul cupboard with, we often misuse… I want to be creative. I want to be clever… I want… I’ve forgotten that the cupboard isn’t mine… I am an invited guest… Not a good guest at that…  Who wants a guest like that?

We tend to use the assets of God for our own glory and satisfaction. The only thing He wants is for us to show respect, a little restraint. God expects us to guard with honor the provision He’s placed in our soul cupboards. He desires us to share the provision with anyone and everyone. When we use the provision to honor ourselves and play the big shots, it disappears rapidly.

“Where’s it at Father”? I ask leaning over, gazing into the empty void. I can only hear the wind howling through the empty shelves of my selfish indulgence. “Where’s the magic”? – “I have nothing to show off with”! – “I need to be recognized”! – “I need Your grace and gifts”!…

The words echo back to me through the desolate canyon of my selfish soul, “GIFTS-Gifts-gifs-fss-ss-s-s-s-s…..”   … I have nothing to share with you… It’s all gone…

I should have been more disciplined with the gifts of my Host.

We have only the reality of our empty soul cupboards when we take His gifts for granted or too far. It is in our emptiness we find the truth. We allow our flesh to empty our soul cupboard. When we keep our heart, mind, and soul on Him, the pantry and cupboards overflow with the grace and mercy of the Father.

I lean over a little further, driving my chin into my chest. Arching my back to see it… I see it… I quickly snap my head away. It is Him… He got my attention… I fall in worship to the God of all; Omnipotent everywhere. Including inside me… refilling the empty cupboard of my soul.

“Come on in… Have a seat… What can I get you?

“I have plenty”…