a simple thing

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It’s been a busy week. I’ve been trying to get all I need to get done before the holiday. Due to lack of time I’m posting something that I wrote at the end of the summer. This was August 15th McKenzie’s birthday, the night before Ali went back to college and Gurm started Jr. High School. Please bear in mind these are some of the things I am truly grateful for not just this holiday, but every day of my life. Happy Thanksgiving to every reader and God bless you and yours.

–There was actually a time in my life when I was content, even happy to have a full tank of gas in my car and $40 in my wallet. That seems like a pretty simple thing doesn’t it? I bet there was a time in your life when it was less complicated and simple things brought you joy or contentment…Dare I say even happiness?

What happened to us? When did we become so sophisticated and successful that only complex things bring us joy? In fact do complex things bring us joy or happiness at all? How about peace?

Yep, we had big dreams and set about to turn those dreams into realities. When they finally started to become realities we took the proceeds and started to knit together a pretty complicated lifestyle.

How do you like your life now? Many times in my life, I’ve taken the blessings from God and cashed them in for idols. I don’t mean to, it just happens. It’s part of living in the flesh. Soon instead of worrying about honoring and pleasing the Provider we worry about and honor the provision.

No wonder He sometimes allows it to be taken away. He knows what’s best for His children, similarly to how we know what’s best for our children.

Nobody likes lessons in life. They’re generally uncomfortable and sometimes even painful. After the lesson is grasped and more wisdom is gained, do you find peace and joy in the simple things? I do.

I rediscover that simple faith in God that I found so many years ago. In Him, I enjoy rest. I find myself at peace with my Heavenly Father. The simplest things bring true joy, the understanding of His grace and mercy that has chosen me. Knowing He will never leave me nor forsake me. His sacrifice for me and mine.

When I’m one with God in spirit and living my life above my selfishness I find the most simple things in life bring a smile to my face.

This morning I gave McKenzie a big hug, pulling her off center with her shoulder against my chest topping it off with a kiss on the side of her forehead. Even though it was early and I hadn’t had a cup of coffee yet, I said, “Happy Birthday Girl”!

She beamed her beautiful smile that I love to see. It’s the same today on her 22nd birthday as it was as a child. That simple smile could alone make my day.

Tomorrow Ali leaves for college again to start another successful year in life for her. I’m proud of her for her accomplishments, but more importantly for who she is in God. It’s a simple thing, but it brings my wife and I great joy.

I have to wrap this up because Gurm starts 7th grade tomorrow as well. She’s nervous, excited, and I want to spend time with her so she can’t dwell on it too much. It’s a simple thing to know our daughters know God and live their lives by His rules in spirit.

For me, that simple gift from God brings a smile to my face.

So does playing catch with my youngest. It’s a simple thing…