prince and princessOnce upon a time in a land far away, there lived a young prince and princess. They looked like average people to everyone else. They weren’t born in a castle, they were born in their respective humble surroundings.

The princess and the prince attended the government schools like most of the population. Eventually, they married fine looking spouses who like them, were the people of humble and average looking lives, but were also unnoticed royalty.

The other seemingly average people the prince and princess encountered throughout their lives never had the inclination to consider them royalty. After all they “looked” just like everyone else.

The laws of nature that are visible and obvious are taken at face value by the world. Few of us take the time to contemplate the laws of the universe that cannot be seen. We assume the laws of nature that can be viewed is all there is.

Even when something happens in the world that can’t really be explained in physical terms, the world ignores it and chalks it up to just a fluke.

When I was in my late teens I got ran over by a 6,000 lb. forklift. It actually rolled up the back of my leg, over the back of my knee and hamstring area, up onto my buttocks, up my back about a foot before the back wheel of the forklift turned off my body. The place where it happened was mostly sand, except this location. My knee was directly over rocks.

I was hurt but not dead. The x-rays didn’t even show any broken bones. I would find out many years later the bottom vertebrae of my back had a hairline fracture and my knee cap was sheered in half long ways. I wasn’t down for too long, a couple of weeks with it elevated and then drained and I was on my way.

The physical chances of that much weight rolling over bones and joints doing only that little damage is absolutely impossible. So how could I explain something like that? At the time, I didn’t give the principalities possibility any thought or credit. Sure I knew God was powerful, made the earth, did miracles, but this, in my youthful ignorance I considered to be my invincible being.

Consider an underfunded, undernourished, outmanned, American army defeating the most powerful military in the world… Luck, chance, fluke, really?! Interesting the common denominator for these flukes is almost always faith in God. The Power over nature and it’s laws that can’t be seen by the human eyeball.

I wonder how many people who are Christians have fallen into the trap of the senses. Most of us use what we can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste to form our perspective of this world. We have faith in our senses until we witness or discover a miracle. Then like the world, we use those senses to desensitize ourselves from the reality we can’t explain through our senses.

We make up or listen to theories made up in the flesh to explain away a supernatural occurrence. Most of us know the teaching of Jesus Christ and profess it and His gift as our heritage. Our faith must be significantly smaller than the mustard seed Christ described as the insignificant amount of faith needed to move mountains.

The world preys on the senses of all of us as if laws of nature were the only laws guiding our lives. When the Creator and Lawgiver of all things tell us otherwise we should consider being obedient in spite of what we can see or hear.

What the people who wrote the prince and princess off as average didn’t know or comprehend was the other-dimensional world that surrounded all of us that they couldn’t see.

They didn’t realize the KING of all creation had chosen the prince and princess from before the foundations of the universe. The world couldn’t see with their eyes what the prince and princess knew in their heart.

They would live happily ever after… Forever!

We are that prince and princess…