one ton leaf“If some is good, then more is better.” I don’t know who said it, but we’ve all heard it, maybe even subscribed to that philosophy without even knowing it at times in life. Most of us realize how shallow the adage is, but we tend to buy into it with our actions, often slipping over the line into the “More is better” camp without grasping it.

The peculiar thing about pushing for more is that it’s generally valid necessities of life that are good and worthy desires to strive for… until they take the place of wisdom and honor. Even the good things can become idols. Some of us have to fight harder to strike a balance in our lives and I’m no stranger to obsessive behavior.

The twentieth of this month marked my four year anniversary of posting on this site. It’s been amazing. I’ve interacted with others, I’ve learned from others, been encouraged, and have tried to encourage as well. I’ve become part of a world that most of the others in this world don’t even know exists.

I’ve connected with believers, created relationships that have touched my life and soul in ways that only our sovereign Father could orchestrate. In the process, we’ve sacrificed time for one another, one of the most precious gifts we’re given in this physical world. I can’t express how much it’s meant to me.

Like most conditions, even the honorable things can be given too much attention and it steals from our loved ones what we’re called to give them if we’re being mindful of our surroundings.

I’ve sacrificed time with my family when it hasn’t been prudent to, from business when it hasn’t been wise to. You’d think this one ton leaf was made of solid steel and ten feet long as hard as I’ve struggled to turn it over, but it’s really the weight of a feather. It’s only the pride and desire that are overweight.

I’ll be cutting back a bit on posting and from reading and commenting at other sites as well. While it doesn’t make sense, I find it difficult to make the change, but then the hardest things are usually the most needed. For those that continue to visit, please don’t feel obligated to leave a comment.

Thank you for all you’ve given of yourself and your wisdom; you, I truly appreciate.

Words are peculiar things… It’s been said that they are more powerful than an atomic bomb. I think that’s true. Proof of that is John 1:1, “In the beginning was the Word and the Word was with God… and the Word was God.”

May our words bring honor to the Creator of them and all things.

God bless.