k0054029What’s the most precious gift we have, yet we squander it like it has little value? When folks do finally begin to figure out how dear our gift is, they’ll do and try just about anything to get more of that gratuity. All the power and money in the world can’t guarantee any of us we’ll end up with more of what we cherish desperately.

You’ve probably figured out that the gift I’m describing is “time”. Time is a peculiar thing. It represents the measurement of sunups and sundowns all of us are given that make up what we call our life. Big subject.

I don’t mean to tackle it, not that any of us could, in these few simple lines. I ponder mine and at some point everyone does theirs. The lives that cross paths in our given time I believe have purpose and that there are no coincidences.

Most of have thrown time away like the paper that our Christmas presents were wrapped in. Then a funny thing happens; we get so many days that we begin to figure out that tomorrow is less certain to us than it was ten years ago… or yesterday…

Life has it’s ups and downs and none of us are immune from the reality of this fallen world. The paths of our lives are intertwined, for better or worse. All of us stumble along the bumpy trail of life, but to have a word or hand to help one another back up physically or spiritually is a gift inside the amazing gift of life. It’s what we’re called to as Christians.

Thanks to many of you for your heart, words, and prayers for me and my family over this past period of time we call a year that ties three hundred and sixty-five days together like a bale of hay. For those of us that have a bend for writing, we call it a chapter.

Thanks to all who’ve shared in my chapter. I pray blessings upon you and yours in this next chapter of your lives that numbers 2015.

And how ever many days you and I get of this precious life that we measure in time, I pray that it is one of honor and finds us together in eternity with the One who gave us His precious gift…

Happy New Year friends…