Every so often a moment in time becomes more special than other times. The moment becomes magical. The pride and joy of the moment is monumental even though the occasion wouldn’t be considered out of the ordinary. About a year ago I shared one of those many magical moments in my life that my dad and I shared.

The magical moment caught us with our guards up when I was in my late twenties as we circled one another preparing for what would be the last time we ever slap boxed one another. I was trash talkin’, my dad was smiling right before I launched a jab that he parried and began to lightly slap me at will.

My dad began laughing so hard, he had to stop and grab me with a big bear hug. My laughter matched his as I hugged him back, still trash talking about him picking on his son, who happened to be in his physical prime. He had pride and joy overflowing his heart.

It was just a moment in time, but a special moment to be sure. Even though I have no picture to remind me of that moment, I will forever remember and cherish that magical moment forever.

The love, joy, pride and gratefulness experienced by a parent can’t be equaled by anything we gain on our own for ourselves. Those magical moments are worth more than money can buy, the price to get some of those spiritual moments cost more than money. The price is sacrifice. We give more than money time, we give thoughts, care, and action in discipline, even when it would be easier not to.

We give as much as it takes. The bottom line truth is that we would give our very lives for the ones that God has gifted us to sacrifice for and raise. As often as we disappointed our parents, there was still love and forgiveness. As often as our kids screw up there is still the same. Our hearts were wired with some parallels with our Father in heaven.

We all make mistakes and leave our Father disappointed, but never are we who belong to Him without love, forgiveness, and daily sacrifices. If the God of the cosmos created that magical moment for us, do you think He has parallel emotions? I think so. Perfect emotion, bigger and more intense than we could ever imagine this side of heaven.

I don’t believe it has anythingmagical moment to do with our actions, it’s just His love and sacrifice for His children that becomes a distinct reality… followed by a smile that starts from the soul.

I had another magical moment a few weeks back. Our daughters are typical children, they have had the typical spats and struggles like siblings do, but the love was always there… even when it didn’t look like it.

The youngest has endured in silence countless lacrosse games watching her older sisters play. This occasion was her turn. Her oldest sister rushed straight from work, still in her scrubs. Her middle sister drove a couple hours from college to watch and support her in the school play.

That picture afterwards was orchestrated by me…

I wanted more than just my memory to remind them and me of that magical moment…