life song

image courtesy of photobucket.com

It starts with some simple chords on a piano. The singer begins to tell the story, softly, in an easy style. The piano gets a little louder, stronger. The singer’s voice gets bolder, louder, stronger to match the mood, as the organ starts to build in the background.

The singer has found his comfort zone; he grows even stronger as the piano and organ find their bigger voice as the acoustic guitar gently falls into rhythm. They all work together as a team turning into one. The music builds stronger still, they pause in perfect unison. The door opens wide… Enter, the drums, and bass.

The team is complete, as they change the world with all the pieces pumping like the heart of one. The story is weaved, the mission understood, the point of the heart is made up in the chorus.

The chorus is repeated louder and stronger, as if in full stride, moving as fast and strong as possible. The heart of the music drives the chorus toward the finish line. It’s perfect in form, the life of the story doesn’t want to end… I don’t want it to end. The chorus is repeated over and over as if declaring victory in its mission.

There is a whole symphony behind the driving heart of the song as if the whole world is participating. The chorus sounds as if an angelic choir is singing, lifting the strides stronger and stronger.

I feel the wave of music, I fear nothing this strong can last forever. The voice carries the last word of the chorus out longer. The singer repeats the last word stronger and louder as all the instruments and choir reach their pinnacle of magical strength.

The point has been made, the story has been told as the music ends in unison…

The next measure is just the piano and the singer. The piano and singer are weaker, tired and yet hold on to repeat the chorus and sum up the story one more time. They finish together as they started. It is beautiful, but it’s over. The story has been told, the song has been sung.

Each of us have this in common. Our lives are like a song, telling a story and with a Biblical perspective, our lives are probably equal to that amount of time in eternal standards.

We all start softly with an easy style and as we grow we add things into our lives that define the style of our life song. We tell the story of our life song by our actions. Eventually, all of our verses or actions bring us to the chorus of our lives.

Our actions sing in full force the song of our lives. This is the declaration to the world of who we are. The chorus of our life song is repeated over and over until the mission of our lives is understood by the world, ourselves, and God himself.

Like all things on this earth, our song comes to its end. When our strength has waned, the things we’ve added to our lives begin to fade away. We are left in the state of being we were born into… Soft and easy.

The climax of our life song will fade and we get a bit more time to sing to our heart, the world, and to God the song that represents who we are and the purpose for having been here.

The words of our life song will be written for one of two purposes; to honor ourselves or honor the Creator who granted us the life from which we sing.

Regardless of where we are at in our life song, whether we’re adding background music or fading it out, the chorus of our life song we are singing…

If yours a beautiful masterpiece? The free will given by our Father to be able to write, and play our own life song is pretty incredible…

Sing to me your song…