A good Deed

image courtesy of fotosearch.com

I  think it was Bill Shakespeare who said it or wrote it first, “No good deed goes unpunished.” It didn’t make sense to me the first time I heard it while young, but since that time I’ve learned that while it shouldn’t be true or make sense, it certainly is and does often when one does a good deed.

My guess is that everyone reading this has done something extraordinarily nice and gracious for someone else, only to have the receiver of that grace turn on them and actually treat them like an enemy. In our modern society, it seems to be more prevalent than in times gone by.

The emotional wrestling match always happens between two kinds of people in our world; the givers and the takers.

I had a friend years back who always seemed to stumble on hard times. In truth they were all brought on by his own actions, but he was a friend and you know the old saying about friends, “A friend in need is a friend indeed!” So I was elected the friend indeed…

After bailing my buddy out of jams time after time, the last time I did, I told him not to ask me to bail him out ever again. Was he gracious and say something like, “Well thanks for all you have done for me, I appreciate it?” Of course not, it was all resentment… He figured I somehow owed him and expected me to act as the dad to a spoiled child.

Many of us have witnessed the stinging bite of an unappreciative taker… Takers take. And it doesn’t matter what you give, they want more. Whatever a person gives a true taker it won’t be enough. The taker can’t be satisfied with what they believe will appease them.

Have you ever noticed that the takers in life take everything they can from others except advice? Even when they do hear the advice they choose not to follow it and the merry-go-round of their lives continue.

I suppose we’re all guilty of taking and not giving as we should from time to time, especially from a Biblical perspective. The traits of those of us who know the grace, mercy, and love of our heavenly Father should be marked by the same traits He shows us.

The takers that use the brain, air, food, water, and shelter provided by God, deny His gifts and His existence. Some even curse Him…

I guess Bill Shakespeare knew something of our fallen human nature. What he didn’t account for is those of us who have been given the supernatural power to live in God’s spirit above our fallen flesh.

We no longer are subject to the instincts of an animal…

Nor do we bite the Hand that feeds us…