Wishing you and yours a Happy New Year with this repost from 2012.

We can measure it, but can’t duplicate it. We cherish it but often disrespect it all the same. We talk about the uniqueness and grandness of it but tend to take it for granted. It doesn’t matter how much we get of it, we always seem to want more. We can’t touch it but it is as real as the air we breathe… And when we run out of breaths we run out of it too…

Time is fleeting. It’s “like a vapor” to quote God’s word. Another unit of measurement of how we measure time is coming to an end. How did we use our precious commodity of time this year? My guess is that most of us could have done a little better, although we probably did “light years” better than we used to.

I’ve had so many years now that the oldest ones are fading from my memory. The sound and smells that used to take me back to the early years are all but gone now. The senses fade with time… Maybe that’s by design? As I get older I learn to rely less on my senses. My flesh; it’s easily fooled.

I’d say there’s something to be said about wisdom. Probably more than all the books in this world could hold… Save One.

As I ponder this last year and look forward to another one, I’m overwhelmed with the thoughts of remembering God’s grace in all the years He grants us. Redeemed. That’s what we are. We get another chance to be the people we always had in heart and mind to be. In the end, it is who we are that speaks of our legacy whether we’re here or not. What we have won’t mean anything to future generations or to God now.

As the year winds down, the season of Christmas still lingers in my mind and heart. Our lights are still up. I dread taking them down, but more than that, I’ll miss the glow from the lights. That glow of the lights reminds me to shine my Light that lives within me. May we be mindful to shine our Lights this next year as we shape our legacies with not just our words, but more importantly, our actions.

One of my favorite Christmas songs still lingers in my mind and heart too. I pray it stays in my heart and mind along with yours. It’s that one specific verse that rings in my head. It’s been there for as long as I can remember… That one memory that isn’t going away and I refuse to forget.

The song is The Little Drummer Boy, and not just because I own a set of old drums. The verse that rings in my mind and haunts my heart I long for, “Then He smiled at me Puh-rum-puh-pum-pum, me and my drum.”

May God smile on you and yours this next year as we bring Him and ourselves honor. Happy New Year, friends.