It’s easy to forget the inspiration for the fireworks we watch as part of our 4th of July celebration.

Francis Scott Key was off shore, watching from afar, as the the British ships pounded Fort McHenry with primitive artillery from a safe distance in the Atlantic.

I’m guessing that watching your countrymen get what looked like being annihilated throughout the night would cause more than just a little anxiety. Seeing that they had raised a new American flag at sunrise must have been exhilarating.

That flag was a symbol to the British that all their military power and might could never defeat the spirit of the people that would fight to the death to be free.

image courtesy of dreamstime.com

I watched fireworks as a kid with awe and wonder and was mesmerized by the exploding colors filling the night sky.

These days I watch fireworks with appreciation for the blessings from God that He’s bestowed on this land. I am still in awe and wonder, but it is for the courage and heart of the people that fought like the original Americans to preserve freedom from oppressive governments; freedom to worship the God of all creation.

I ponder a group of freedom seeking Americans, a gang of nonconformists, that sought freedom over security. They knew if they had freedom security would be the natural byproduct. They trusted in God first, not man.

May this country turn it’s focus to God first again.

May this country and you be blessed this 4th of July celebration. And may God bless America.