I’ve had some dreams in my life… Some good, some not so much. I’m fascinated with the human brain and the overall makeup that allows humans to imagine, reason, and create. I don’t know of one human that after accomplishing something, whether significant or simple, hasn’t felt some sense of gratification.

The dreams of humans have made significant changes in our world, some good, ugly. Dreams rarely seem to take into consideration the rough spots in the road leading to that fulfillment of our dreams, but I suppose there would be little to no gratification or sense of accomplishment without some obstacles to overcome along the way.

Some dreams happen when we’re asleep – subconsciously, or God-given visions, other dreams happen consciously with our eyes wide open seeing the opportunity or need. The reason or purpose behind our dreams or inspirations speak volumes about who we are and where we’re at in our life.

My wife and I were sitting in a bookstore a while back drinking coffee. Across from our table was the “Inspiration” section of the store, at the end of the isle facing us were some of the bestsellers. There was a book by a peculiar looking guy with wild hair and glasses sitting in a simple chair flanked by metal middle eastern statues of guard dogs. His legs were crossed, the side of his right ankle sitting on top of his left thigh, he had a tan business suit on with an orange tie and orange socks. The subtitle of his book was “Billionaire So and So Tells You,” (I forgot his name and had never heard of him before) then the title of the book in bold letters right above and below his picture. “HOW TO GET RICH,” I read some of those types of books when I was younger.

It’s been my experience in life that if it’s a person’s main goal or dream in life to be rich then that person is living a shallow, sad, and unfulfilled life. However, if a person pursues a specific dream or goal with passion for the fulfillment of that dream when it has benefits not just for that person, but others as well, they will find a life of purpose and true fulfillment, in my opinion.

Interestingly enough, it’s also been my observation that the people who live their lives with passion and purpose with a proper moral perspective have enough financial means and some even get rich. I’m left in awe and inspiration by some people who lived their lives and in some cases actually gave up their own life trying to fulfill their dreams or goals.

Mother Theresa comes to mind and how she gave up a life of comfort to care for people less privileged than herself. I’m also mindful of Martin Luther King Jr. and his life of sacrifice for what he believed God called him for. In a world of hate he consistently spoke of the need for forgiveness, this for the people who hated him.

I consider George Washington along with all of our forefathers who risked their lives and wealth to form a nation with the goal of religious freedom, no royal class and equal rights for all men. I think about all the people who sacrificed their lives in order to protect yours and mine, I’m emotionally moved by their dreams to protect, serve, and sacrifice for the benefit of us.

I believe it’s good to dream and have goals, I also believe the process of striving for the good dreams and goals gratifies our nature regardless of the ultimate outcome in most cases.

God’s in the business of dreams, He’s calling His chosen to dream like children and set about to make those dreams reality with the wisdom we’ve gained along the way. I’ve had some dreams in my life… still do…

dreamsHow bout’ you?