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When I was a kid one of the dreams I had was to be a journalist. I was a little less certain of my dream after getting kicked out of my journalism class my Junior year in high school.

What can I say? I get in the way of myself sometimes. I have to admit that then and even now sometimes I look for the easy way out… Concentrating for me has been painful…

Until a few years back I couldn’t hold the notepad or pen steady enough to write living my life at 120 miles per hour.

I’m a third generation Hillbilly born in Arkansas, “like my Daddy, and his Daddy fore’ heeum.” Maybe that’s where the independence comes from? Others that know me well wouldn’t call it independent. Some would call it “stubborn”, some will be more comfortable with “intense”. Of course, a good majority might best feel interpreted using “jerk” to sum me up. I won’t argue with any of those descriptions.

I think God gives different people varying amounts of rope to start their life. Not to hang themselves with but to tie around their spiritual waist. He lets some of us get a full head of steam and a great distance from Him. Right before we reach the end of that rope He snaps us back to himself. It’s kinda painful that yank on the belly of your soul. It’s never until He’s rescued us that He allows us to go back and see the spiritual death cliff just beyond the end of that rope.

I’m thankful for that pain in my life. It didn’t feel good, but it saved my eternal soul.

God has blessed me in my life and He’s pulling me in a new direction. He slowed me down enough now to become an inspirational Christian Author. I have a passion for it, for in it, I feel His Spirit. The pen in my hand becomes His instrument, maybe not for anyone else, It’s possible that it’s just for me, if that’s His will, so be it.

I’ve learned in this life that God doesn’t need anyone to do His bidding. He chooses and blesses the ones He gifts with the opportunity to see His work, His hand in this life. We don’t need to be exceptional because He is Excellent.

Doing the will of God brings Him honor and He reveals Himself to us. He shows us who we are and where we are.

In His grace and mercy is where I’m “Finding Floyd”…